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EMILIYA LANE of Art Lane Gallery

 Emiliya Lane is a multiple award winning artist living, painting and teaching in Seattle, WA.

She was born in Russia, and  has been drawing and painting since she was three years old.

Emiliya’s parents were very supportive of her artistic gifts and enrolled her into art school at age 7.

She has been constantly surrounded by the visual arts ever since.  

After graduating from high school at the age of 16, Lane was simultaneously accepted to Ural State University and offered a job at a local film studio as an animator.  So, the artist accepted the position at the Sverdlovsk Film Studio .

After a 15 year career in commercial art, as animator  and Illustrator,  and earning a Master degree in Fine Art and Art History , she relocated to the United States and  continued to improve her painting techniques with such masters as Scott Christensen, Jeremy Lipking, Pam Ingalls, Rob Liberace, Ned Mueller, Jim Lamb, John Bodicin, Ovanes Berberian, and  Kathryn Stats, Zhaoming Wu.

“I found a real joy in painting ‘ala prima’, directly from life, in the Russian Impressionistic tradition.

The combination of color, light and brush strokes provided me with an intense sensation. Painting became both a profession and an obsession! The subtle effects of light upon a form or capturing the emotion of a very simple moment on canvas never fails to amaze me.

 Repin, Levitan, Sorolla, Serov and Korovin have been my biggest influences.”

 Emiliya is affiliated with Oil Painters of America, Portrait Society of America , American Impressionist Society, Women Painters of America , Plein Air Painters of Washington and The National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society. 

She is represented by, Kronos Gallery and Vernissage Gallery at the Seattle Design Center. 

Emiliya is also an avid reader, a salsa dancer, a hiker, yoga and meditation practitioner, just in a constant search for Balance, Beauty and Harmony.

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My sweet cat is a subject for my many paintings. 650.00


EMILIYA LANE of Art Lane Gallery

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