If you want to stick it to the corporations out there, I suppose you could Occupy Fremont and set up camp next to Waiting for the Interurban.

Or you could make your holiday gift purchases as local as possible.

There’s lots of really cool gift ideas available from Fremont artists and plenty of them can be found in shops like Portage Bay Goods (621 North 35th), Dusty Strings ( 3406 Fremont Ave N) and Frank & Dunya (3418 Fremont Ave N).

Some of those items include, but are not limited to the following. Do yourself a favor and do a search throughout Fremont’s many shops for more local products and offers.

Visiting art galleries frequently can help you reduce stress duing the holidays.

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Arts, Culture & Entertainment

The Fremont area features a variety of things to do and wonderful places to explore. Whatever your age or interests, there’s something to see in and around Fremont.

The Cultural Arts Complex in the Gary Soren Smith Center for the Performing Arts brings music, theater and dance performances to the Fremont area. The Fremont Symphony Orchestra performs concerts from September to May.

The Fremont Art Association Gallery presents exhibitions of many local artists. The Olive Hyde Art Gallery offers gallery exhibits introducing an array of traditional and contemporary art.

StarStruck Theatre produces two main stage musicals and one Jr. production each year. Stage 1 Repertory Theater showcases local talent in popular productions. The independent Broadway West Theatre, located in the historic Irvington district, produces five full-length plays each year. Fremont also boasts a new, state-of-the-art Century Theatre complete with all-stadium seating, XD and NextGen amenities.


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