Preparing for Festival Gifts.

I live in Michigan and in this part of the country, winter is here for a while. I just heard the weather report for an arctic blast to hit next week. So, for all of you living in parts of the country where a warm sweater is all that is needed, I’m a little bit jealous!

Christmas decor1
This brings up the topic of how to transition our homes from the Christmas holiday to the rest of the winter season. Our Christmas tree went up Thanksgiving night, and it went down on New Year’s Eve. This isn’t a set in stone rule for me, but it is what worked this year. I have always enjoyed the colour red, and I will keep a number of winter decorations up until the beginning of March. Looking for a festival gift, which will not cost you much, you can make some of your own.

Here are some pics of how I transitioned over to winter. I took the garland down and my Christmas sign, but I left the red candle and arrangement. We move this stand around our living room. This is where our Christmas tree stood this year. We have about three different places in our living room, where we place our tree, and this area was the winner this year. You can download the pictures of your friends and then do drawing from their photos.

Lately, I’m loving lanterns and I have them in a few different places. This one sits on our kitchen table. I might try and find a different piece of fabric for under it, but for right now it works.

How about you? Do you have your Christmas tree put away? Are you keeping any of your decorations up for winter?

I have mentioned before that I am a blog reader! Not a writer! However, with the start of a new year, and a fresh start, I want to get back to blogging. My blog title, “Art of Domestic Living” pretty much sums up my desire, to make a warm home for my family and friends. I will continue to share our lived in home, recipes, tips for managing the home, and some personal family updates. My girls have told me that I need to update some photos of them because they have grown so much in the last couple of years.

Blessings to you as we start off the New Year!…

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Local Fremont Artists Provide Plenty Of Holiday Gift Ideas

If you want to stick it to the corporations out there, I suppose you could Occupy Fremont and set up camp next to Waiting for the Interurban.

Or you could make your holiday gift purchases as local as possible.

There’s lots of really cool gift ideas available from Fremont artists and plenty of them can be found in shops like Portage Bay Goods (621 North 35th), Dusty Strings ( 3406 Fremont Ave N) and Frank & Dunya (3418 Fremont Ave N).

Some of those items include, but are not limited to the following. Do yourself a favor and do a search throughout Fremont’s many shops for more local products and offers.

Visiting art galleries frequently can help you reduce stress duing the holidays.

Home | Visit Fremont, CA | Arts, Culture & Entertainment
Arts, Culture & Entertainment

The Fremont area features a variety of things to do and wonderful places to explore. Whatever your age or interests, there’s something to see in and around Fremont.

The Cultural Arts Complex in the Gary Soren Smith Center for the Performing Arts brings music, theater and dance performances to the Fremont area. The Fremont Symphony Orchestra performs concerts from September to May.

The Fremont Art Association Gallery presents exhibitions of many local artists. The Olive Hyde Art Gallery offers gallery exhibits introducing an array of traditional and contemporary art.

StarStruck Theatre produces two main stage musicals and one Jr. production each year. Stage 1 Repertory Theater showcases local talent in popular productions. The independent Broadway West Theatre, located in the historic Irvington district, produces five full-length plays each year. Fremont also boasts a new, state-of-the-art Century Theatre complete with all-stadium seating, XD and NextGen amenities.


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Frank & Dunya Closing Gallery After 23 Years, Going Online

Whenever I have friends or family in town and I’m giving them the Fremont tour, we always somehow end up in Frank & Dunya even though I had no plans to. It’s just that kind of place, beckoning to you with its vibrant colors, curious artwork and whimsical flair.

Unfortunately, the home for so much local, independent art will be closing its doors and become a strictly online venture as of January 28th.

The gallery will be hosting an event on the 28th to say goodbye and they’d like you to be there.

Please, set the date to attend our “Farewell Fremont-Hello On-line” appreciation party for all our loyal supporters, artists and citizens of Fremont. It’s been 23 fantastic years, we couldn’t do it without you all!

Thank you humbly, Fremont! Thank you all our friends!!!

Apart from that you should take out time to visit the vernissage art gallery.

Until then, the store is featuring a moving sale and there is a “retail space for rent” sign up in the window.

Whoever the next company in that space is, may they embody the Fremont spirit even half as much as Frank & Dunya has.


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Reduce Your Stress During the Holidays

The holidays can be a stressful time of year for everyone. Some people are stressed out from the sheer volume of things that need to be done, such as shopping, baking, and decorating. For others, events with their family can cause great stress. Regardless of what creates stress for you, take some time for yourself to relax, rejuvenate, and rest so you can enjoy a peaceful and joyous holiday season.

If you’re worried about having too much to do and not enough time to get it done, sit down and make out a Christmas to-do list. Include your spouse and children in the holiday planning process, and try to delegate chores to everyone to help make things simpler and free up your time. Even the youngest of children can do a lot to help mommy and daddy for the holidays including picking up their room and behaving. Older children and teenagers are able to do quite a bit more. If you have a teenager of driving age in your household, take advantage and have him or her make deliveries, mail Christmas cards, or run errands for you.

Be realistic in your planning. If you know it generally takes you most of the day to do your Christmas decorating, don’t try to cram it all into a morning or afternoon session. And most importantly, don’t over schedule yourself and try to do too much in one day. Schedule in time to read a book, take a hot bath, or get to bed early.

You might want to think more about Christmas bliss during the stress period. It will help you to get rid of it.

You might also want to consider hiring professional help during the holidays. If you know you’re having company but you just won’t have the time yourself to do your housecleaning, hire a cleaning service to come in and help you. Consider it an early Christmas present to yourself. Even if you just have the service do the big jobs and you do the smaller stuff later, you’ll have saved time and effort in the process.

If spending time with members of your extended family creates stress for you, consider bowing out of the festivities. After all, the holidays are supposed to be peaceful and joyous. It’s highly likely that if you’re family is in turmoil the rest of the year that will be the case during the holidays as well. Try to make alternate plans with members of your support system such as friends or other family. If you must attend, rely on this strong support system to get you through, and if things become tense, call it a night and come home early. There’s no need to tolerate an intolerable situation that will cause your stress levels to skyrocket. As an alternative plan, consider donating your time to a local soup kitchen, homeless shelter or nursing home, all who would appreciate a helping hand and a supportive ear during the holidays.

Most importantly, listen to your body. If you begin feeling the signs of stress such as headaches and body aches, anxiety and sleeplessness, that’s your cue to slow down and take things easier. Cut back on activities, ask for help with projects or chores, and take some time out for some deep breathing exercises and walking.

If you take care of yourself, you’ll be able to take care of the things on your list, your family and your holiday season as well.


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Frank and Dunya Presents Vernissage Art Gallery finally opens its doors to all our friends, patrons and artists!
Please join us to celebrate Vernissage Grand Opening on April 17,2014 from 5-9!

Art Gallery Vernissage is a private group created by a circle of fellow artists who have a strong connection with Russian art or Russian culture. The current President of Vernissage Gallery and Russian American Artist Association currently is Emiliya Lane.

We organize personal and group art shows, art related events, and workshops. Our gallery and home base is currently at the Seattle Design Center in the SoDo district of the city.

Every month, we distinguish two members of our group as featured artists. This month we are celebrating Yuri Konyshev and Valentina Voron’s artwork.

Read about the amazing Holiday gift ideas.

Yuri Konyshev

Watercolor Artist, born in 1951, Master of Art Degree from the University of Art at Kostroma & Professor of Art at Krasnoe na Volge Art College. Currently a Member of the Union of Artists of Russia and The National Art Exhibition of Watercolor Artists since 1992.

Invited and exhibited his works in over 25 galleries in France, Germany, England, United States, Chile, and many other European, Asian, and North and South American countries.  Many of his works are in private collections in Russia, Europe, Japan and the United Stat
es as well as part of the Kostroma Art Museum collection.  Two paintings were purchased by Chancellor Helmut Kohl (Germany) and Former President Medvedev D. (Russia)

Valentina Voron-

Valentina Voron is a wonderful combination of left brain/ right brain. Originally from St. Petersburg, Valentina was already juggling both her love for both science and art when she moved to the United States in 1993. She has a masters degree in biophysics, a doctorate in biochemistry from University of Washington, and has a successful career working in the biotech industry- including University of Washington, Seattle BioMed and the Institute for Environmental Health.

In Russia, Valentina’s fascination with art began simultaneously with her success as scientist.In Russia  she studied with the Mukhin school of Design and took inspiration from visiting forbidden modern art shows during the Soviet era. In 2012, Valentina decided to concentrate on her unfinished dialog with art and is currently participating in her second year in the prestigious Gage Academy atelier program under Mark O’Higgins.…

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